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Monday, March 27, 2006

Nymph to Eve

How on god's green earth does Niamh end up being pronounced Neve? Irish name pronounciation is a study in the black-arts I tell you. Another one is Siobhan which is pronounced Chevaun. Keh? Come again?

And just to hammer home the point my Irish mate just told me how I bastardised the two names above. I had Niamph and Siobahn originally. Bloody english eh?


Anonymous Steve Crane said...

Perhaps you're too young to remember the heydays of Scope magazine when one of the top models was Sian Adey-Jones. Most teenage boys thought her name was pronounced "See-ann" but of course it was something like "Shan". She was Welsh of course. Welsh, Irish, all those Gaelic languages have funny pronunciation.

5:03 PM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

Oh, good old Scope. I do remember it though not enough to go around naming models in it.

I always thought the Red Nose day issues were the funniest things.

5:06 PM


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