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Friday, March 24, 2006

Jet lag

LAX by Paul Watson
So for my first multi time-zone trip I have to say either jet-lag is far less than everybody says it is or I managed to skip it with some advanced Vegas party voodoo. I flew Ireland to Las Vegas and then back again within 5 days. They say West to East is worst but I feel great back here in Ireland. I got in a solid 7 hours sleep last night after arriving home. My appetite is fine too. I do feel a bit confused as to what day it is since I effectively lost a day on the way back but the post-it note I have on my desk saying "Today is friday!" is helping with that.

I think what helped is I went a bit AWOL in Vegas. I'd get to bed at the earliest 1am and be up by 7am with a full day conferencing and then the evenings filled with night-life. So I was tired while I was there and there were no regular times for my body to get used to. I also had several late nights and early mornings before I flew (one thanks to St. Patricks day.) So most likely jet-lag was masked by the general tiredness which was masked by the adrenaline and go-go nature of 4 nights in Vegas.

It might just all catch up with me this weekend which is *checks post-it note* tomorrow.


Anonymous Kate said...

Ha! Wish you would have gotten photos from the Tao. They must be somewhere out there. Glad you made it home safe and not too jet-lagged or hung-over.

7:25 PM


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