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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mix 06 and Vegas

Just a quick one to say I am in Vegas and at the Mix 06 conference. Best bit of the conference so far?

Dancing on a table with Tim O'Reilly.

Seriously, that happened. We had the Mix party last night at the TAO night club and Tim got up on a table running the one side of the dance floor and started dancing like a wild man. Awhile later I joined him up there and we got in a chorus-girl line and showed our legs. Cha cha cha. This was after a good many drinks of course. What a blast.

I also met Anil Dash at the party which was an honour and spotted Tantek Celik at one of the talks. Apparently the chap behind is here too. Actually the list of digerati who are here goes on. I wasn't sure a Microsoft event could pull them but it did.

Time for another talk, see you all on top of the tables.


Anonymous Derek Lakin said...

Let me know if one of those UMPCs "acdidentally" finds itself in your luggage when you get back :P

8:56 PM


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