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Monday, January 16, 2006

The new bike

GT Avalanche 3.0

With the Cape Argus Cycle Tour only a 54 days away I thought I had better get a bicycle here in Ireland and get back in reasonable shape for it. I left original my bike back home in South Africa as it would cost more to ship it over here and then back for the race and back again than to buy a new one.

So here is the new one; a GT Avalanche 3.0. Mine is black though, not silver. I'll get a photo of it this weekend.

The bike cost €299 from Spokes here in Waterford, Ireland. I then had Dunlop road tyres, mudguards, lights, computer, bottle holder, lock and saddle-bag fitted along with a helmet. Final price was €430. Spokes gave good service, even waiting after closing time to hand me a forgotten lock.

It is strange having a bike with mudguards but they are essential in wet, puddle filled Ireland.

Now that I have the bike I'll be able to get around more, take in the many sights which are within easy riding distance of Waterford. I also want to start riding to work even though Brian thinks I am half-baked for thinking it. I know it will be wet, cold and dark but it will be good excercise and we have showers in the office that I can use each morning. My only concern are the tight roads in Ireland, the hard shoulder is a farm wall rather than an easily rideable proper shoulder.


Anonymous Octavo said...

Wikid looking bike dude!

I think that Brian is right - you're off your rocker man, but hey - whatever floats your boat I guess...

9:43 AM

Blogger Mounirra said...

great stuff! Cycling in the Irish / British countryside is lovely. I had cycled from Belfast to Dublin many years ago (camped out one night). Also did part of the Scottish Highlands in summer - amazing! It's a wonderful experience, miss it, wish I could do it again one day...

8:06 PM


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