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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro

Sooner than expected Apple has released the first in their Intel powered systems. The MacBook Pro is a 15.4" laptop which is a shade off of exactly what I want. Hopefully Apple will be releasing a 12" version at which point I will become the newest convert to Mac.

Having lugged a 15.4" HP laptop around for the past year I have to say that smaller, slimmer and lighter is better in laptops. When I got the HP I thought a desktop-replacement laptop was ideal. Something portable but powerful. It turns out though that it is a compromise in every way. Being big and bulky it can't be slipped into a day-pack and taken on quick-trips. Being a laptop upgrades are a pain in comparison to a desktop system. The battery life is compromised too.

Hopefully a slim 12" MacBook will fit the bill. Something I can offload photographs onto, something I can whip out and type on and something I can slip into most bags without dislocating a shoulder.


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