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Monday, January 16, 2006

GUIDgone in Visual Studio 2005

If you were wondering what happened to the "Create GUID" option under the Tools menu in Visual Studio 2005 then it is likely you did not install the VC++ options. I am not 100% about this but it seems likely this is the cause. I have only installed C# in VS2005 and there is no guidgen.exe in my VS2005 install directories. Instead I have had to use the guidgen.exe from my VS.NET2003 install. A friend who does VC++ though does have guidgen.exe in his VS2005.

Seems to me that the VS2005 developers flocked* up.

You can see the thread that started this here on Code Project.

* After Flock's wonderful death groan I thought I'd add insult to injury and replace fucked with flocked for a few days. e.g. fucked up == flocked up.


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