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Friday, January 13, 2006

Mr. Anonymous

What goes on in a man’s mind? Every women wonders. Heck I’ll go ahead and say that even men aren’t sure what’s going on inside their other (hopefully bigger) head. Well, I aim to satisfy all our curiosities. I plan to sedate a couple of guys in varying stages of their life, from different backgrounds, and poke and prod their brain. All right, maybe not. That may be fun but mostly illegal.

I will be interviewing them though. There’s a definite estrogen-slant on this blog which I aim to balance with my tentatively-titled Introducing Mr. Anonymous series.

With that in mind I answered some of the questions and they have been posted up here.


Anonymous Octavo said...

Hey Paul...

Did you ever work at Radio Retail in SA? Just curious...


3:06 PM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

I sure did octavo. It was my first development job. Why do you ask?

3:12 PM

Anonymous Octavo said...

:) I thought it might be you!

It's David - I worked there too, along with Max - remember?. Ahh... good times... well, when Riaan wasn't screaming at people anyway ;) - drop a line sometime :)

3:32 PM

Blogger cheH said...

Btw,I admire all your answer Mr. Anonymous! I enjoyed each & ev'ry line, very straightforward yet funny;)

5:35 PM

Blogger husticia said...

got to say it myself, love your honest, straight to the point answers!

11:26 PM


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