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Monday, February 20, 2006

I am from Africa

...while I was in Africa last week.

I will wager that a Brazilian says "I am from Brazil" rather than "I am from South America." and then clarifies with "Brazil." Yet I will often allude to Africa, that vast, dark, dangerous continent, rather than simply say I am from South Africa.

That there are less Africans around here than other foreigners, Asians, Americans, Australians etc., adds to the allure of Africa. When you hear Africa you see the starving millions against the backdrop of the Serengeti or towering Kilimanjaro. You hear the chanting voices around a fire and the screams of a dying continent. It is dark and dangerous. And I come from there.


Blogger Dannie Jost said...


You are getting to be rather good at this stuff that you do, write and photograph.

Refreshing, very refreshing.

11:31 PM


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