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Friday, February 10, 2006


The Infinitim team just gave the rest of the TSSG a demo of their SIP IM client. It integrates with a BEA server and allows text, audio and video calls all initiated using SIP.

At one point a voice call was made from a Windows desktop client to a WiFi SIP phone. That was quite impressive. Eventually you'll be able to roam with the phone and it will automatically switch between the best available network (e.g. WiFi, GSM etc.) Another concept carried over from the Impruve team is that of IM "bots" which allow automated systems to integrate with your IM client. The one they had was a location bot that showed you your location on a map when asked.

The team will be at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona at the BEA stand. If you are there give them a shout.


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