The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Giggles and Simon Cowell

I was chatting to a friend about the coming nuclear holocaust when the topic of Simon Cowell and the horny bitch, sorry, giggling MSN winks woman, came up. The topic came up because I mentioned that 49% of female U.S.A. teenagers tune into two hours of Pop Idol every Tuesday.

Can you believe that? One out of two girls in the U.S. of A sits down in front of a T.V. every Tuesday evening and watches 2 hours of Simon Cowell giving himself oral sex. Angelina Jolie could offer her services and he'd still prefer his own mouth.

So it struck both of us that a violently sick idea would be the love-child offspring of Simon Cowell and the giggling MSN winks woman. You already know Simon but do yourself a favour and install MSN Messenger to familiarise yourself with giggles.

Truly the parents of the anti-christ would have trouble condoning such a match.


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