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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Five dollars

I dislike having to pick on a service but FeedLounge has made a bit of a hash of it again. I signed up for FeedLounge a week ago and paid my $5. My first impressions were not the best but it improved somewhat after all my feeds where imported. The interface is slick and reading items efficient.

Then a few days ago on the 26th I received an email from them saying they had launched. I had signed up months ago to be notified and this was the notification. In the email they say that in thanks for my patience they were going to give me a free month of service (which is worth $5.) All I had to do was sign-up with the same email that I used months ago.

Only I used a different email for when I paid for the service last week (remember I had no idea they were going to be sending out this launch notification email as to me the service had already launched a week or two ago. I found out through a friend.)

It is a nice offer for those who haven't signed up but not so great for those of us who paid our $5 to test the service. Even before this email though I knew I was not going to continue paying for FeedLounge.

I simply think FeedLounge need to be more professional in their overall service. They are charging, they aren't free and can't get away with what a lot of free services do get away with. For $5 you expect more.


Anonymous Scott Sanders said...

Can you suggest how we can be more professional in our service? The email sent to people who wanted to be notified offered them a free extra month, not just a free month, so you would still have paid $5.

I just don't actually understand what FeedLounge can make better from the content of this post. Please help me to help you.


8:44 AM


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