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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There is one aspect of 37Signals website design that I dislike; if you go to the home-page of their services you may struggle to find the login button for existing customers.

Thankfully TadaList and Backpack now have a "Login if you have an account" link under the big, bold Sign up links but Basecamp doesn't. I have an account with Basecamp but for the life of me I can't remember the unique URL that I chose. I think it is something like but that doesn't work and I can't find out until I get home and check through my email archives.

I'd like the Basecamp home-page to have a login link for existing customers. It would be really useful.

I'd also like it if 37Signals provided a single sign-on solution for all their services. Right now I have about 4 seperate accounts with them.


Anonymous Derek Lakin said...

The other thing I don't get with the whole TadaList, Backpack, Basecamp thing is why they don't integrate.

Why can't you create a list in TadaList and display it in Backpack and so on?

5:57 PM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

Yup, good point Derek. There is integration between Writeboard and Basecamp and there is a bit between Basecamp and Backpack (I think) but it could be taken up a level as you say.

6:11 PM


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