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Friday, January 20, 2006


I must commend two companies for good customer service over the past few months. During my move to Ireland I have had some issues with my credit-card that have resulted in non-payment of some monthly bills. I detest failing to pay bills.

Both Basecamp and TextDrive were charging me monthly fees for their excellent services and both contacted me to say that the credit-card transactions had failed. Basecamp took the sensible option of blocking my service while retaining all my data. TextDrive, who were handling the critical services of my email and web-hosting, contacted me personally and asked what the problem was without shutting my services down. I informed them that they would have a payment option within a certain time and they were happy with that.

With my old credit-card in a non-working state I signed up for 3V, a prepaid credit-card "voucher" system, and used it to pay Basecamp. I thought that Basecamp would charge me for 3 months in arrears but much to my delight they charged me just for the current month. Thanks Basecamp, that is new world thinking.

TextDrive are still getting back to me on what I owe but it should all be fine.

Two things I have realised during this transition; one, pre-pay for critical services. With TextDrive I am going to buy 12 months worth of hosting and email. They don't offer a discount for pre-paying but it saves me the hassle of bill-paying each and every month. I am a firm believer of quality-of-life over being a scrupulous bastard who worries every month about bills. I might lose €1.3 by pre-paying 12 months but I gain 12 months of peace-of-mind; two, 3V gives you the convenience of a credit card without it's temptations. It is pre-paid, you can't get into spiralling debt that full-blown credit-cards are only too capable of.


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