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Saturday, January 21, 2006

FeedLounge first impressions

FeedLounge screenshot.

I just signed up, and paid for, FeedLounge; a "premium" web-based feed aggregator.

Firstly you should know that it costs $5 per month to use this service. There is no trial or free basic-features version. There is a "3 hour tour" option but it is not working and has not been for the past few days.

My first impressions are poor. I first tried to import my Bloglines OPML which contains 98 feeds. The FeedLounge importer notified me that it would add the feeds to my list as it got feed items for them. 15 minutes later and nothing has been imported. I checked the forums and many people are reporting that they are having the same problem. The solution is to wait, so I am told. The excuse is that their service is running behind as many people are importing.

The keyboard control is also iffy. I haven't got the arrow keys working in lists for instance.

It is quite fast I admit with the interface responding nicely.

Sorry guys but I paid $5 for your service and it should work without more than a 5 minute lag on importing. Am I asking too much? Bloglines imports in minutes. In fact every other service I have tried has a very short lag on importing. And they were all free.

I have already paid though so I'll give it a few hours.

I did add some individual feeds and they worked fine. The interface is quite nice with the three view options being the best bit. I can't see how to add these individual feeds to folders though. You can tag feed items at least. Also when I went to change my password I received no confirmation through the interface or an email that it had worked. I had to logout and login to check. Another issue I see is managing a large number of feeds. The delete feature works by clicking the feed and clicking delete. How will I delete 10 feeds at once?

Still, for $5 per month this is not floating my boat. I'll give it a few days though, see how it goes. Maybe they should not be charging at this early stage?

Disclaimer; I am working at the TSSG on a feed aggregator project.


Blogger Alex King said...

Please let us know in the forums when you see something like this. There hasn't been a "waiting for OPML" thread since the service went live, so I'm guessing you saw thread from ~6 months ago.

The Queue was offline from ~5:30am-2:30pm PST and is now catching up. This is posted on the System Status page;

Hopefully your feeds will all be in soon.

Also, If you would be willing to report the specifics of your keyboard problems in our "Bug Reports" forum, we can try to see what the issue is there.

12:17 AM

Blogger Alex King said...

Also, tagging feeds is explained in the Getting Started tutorial:

12:21 AM

Anonymous Brandon Mechtley said...

There seem to be quite a few feed aggregators out there. Even if it works beautifully, is there any unique selling point that really warrants $5/mo.?

3:14 AM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

Well I think there is a market for premium aggregators and while my first impressions of FeedLounge are not good I do think it can become worth the money.

7:31 PM

Anonymous octavo said...

Sharpreader on a USB thumb works pretty well for me - but that's probably because I only move between two pc's and I've always got the thumb drive on me.

10:04 AM


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