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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wonderful Waterford

Cian, a co-worker, is a well of Waterford wonders and even runs a site dedicated to the area;

To be dead honest I had never heard of Waterford before I met Brian a few years ago and up until I got here I never realised how important it was in Ireland's history.

Cian sent around several facts about Waterford the other day and I am reposting them here (the folowing is quoted direct from Cian's email):

Some of you may or may not know some facts about Waterford city such as:

  • It is the oldest city in Ireland
  • Some amazing Viking archaeological sites have been excavated and the new find at Woodstown (250 metres from [TSSG offices]) is the biggest single find ever.
  • St. Patrick’s day was set up by Luke Wadding
  • The tri-colour was first flown here by the Waterford man who conceived it: Thomas Francis Meagher
  • Waterford had 1000 people living in it 1000 years ago when there was only one other city in Ireland with similar population (Dublin) at the time there was only 150 cities in Europe with that population or greater)

The county also has some fantastic sights such as:

  • Lismore – winner of tidy towns award 2 years in a row, boasts a castle and beautiful surrounds, you have to see the Ballysaggartmore Towers about 2 miles from there
  • Ardmore – oldest Christian parish, pre-dating st. Patrick
  • 2 mountain ranges with Coumshingaun – the best example of a Corrie lake in Europe, mahon falls, and the weird magic road where yer car goes back up the hill
  • Over 30 beaches along some lovely unique coast, particularly the copper coast

There are also some amazing characters such as Robert Boyle (of Boyle’s Law), ETS Walton (only nobel winning scientist in Ireland) and Edmund Rice to name but a few

Anyway, following is an article on the Waterford Museum of Treasures from the Irish Times.


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