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Friday, November 04, 2005

Eat up

I go to bed hungry. I expected the Irish to be hearty eaters and while I am sure there must be some, I haven't met any. Except Stevie; he ate almost all the mini bangers (is that rude?) at the INDA event.

Before coming here I didn't picture the Irish to be very European. I thought they'd have decent breakfasts, reasonable lunches and then bang up suppers before heading for the pub.. I mean bed. Strangely though they seem to be quite European in their eating habits. Breakfasts are light affairs, quite continental my dear. Lunches are pretty big, this seems to be the main meal of the day and then suppers hardly happen. On a Sunday evening one might have a grand meal but every other night it will be something light and quick. I have resorted to toast with Philadelphia cream cheese (good lord that stuff is nice) for supper till my big-dinner expecting stomach learns to appreciate lunches more.

So here I sit after lunch with a belly full of bangers, potato and pasta from the WIT canteen and I wonder how long till I get used to it.

Then again. There is always Guinness, a meal in itself.

(And if you are reading this, Brian, then don't worry. I am not saying you are starving me, I just need to get used to a different way of eating.)


Anonymous Derek Lakin said...

I must say I'm surprised. There's only a small stretch of water between England and Ireland and we're nothing like that here in England :S

Oh and if you like Philadelphia you should try it on a hot toasted bagel for breakfast. If you've got the time add a bit of bacon too :D

5:11 PM

Anonymous Brian Delahunty said...

Hey P,

It's not an Irish thing. Normally in Ireland you would have a LARGE supper... a very large supper. As you know, I am a not much of an eater... hmmm, I'll rephrase that... I don't eat a lot of different types of things... I have hence gotten used to small/non-existent suppers.

Ulla, being German, is the traditional European supper you are used to since living with us. If you want a normal Irish supper you'll have to go home to my house in Slieverue… a few of those and you'll be wishing you never met my mother.


5:55 AM

Blogger carinelouw said...

Shame, im sure you will lose alot of weight then if you dont get a proper meal my love :). U know u cant just live on beer and work allone :)

10:09 AM


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