The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jumpers and jeans

I arrived in Ireland with two pairs of longs; jeans and some work longs. Back in South Africa I wore shorts most of the time but they just aren't that practical here. So off to the local mall we went today. I also needed another jersey (or jumper as they call them here) to supplant my one and only.

A decent pair of jeans (Levis, Wrangler etc.) will set you back 40 to 60 euros. You can get jeans for 20 euros or so but they aren't very good quality. So I ended up with my first ever pair of Levis jeans, something which back home costs far more than I'd ever spend.

Jumper wise I ended up with a Jack Jones jumper for 30 euro. Saw far too many jumpers for 80 euros. 30 euros gets you a decent jumper though.


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