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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quitting coke

Two weeks on from booting caffeine from my life has left me largely unaffected. No headaches, no chemical cravings, no physical pains. I have never been one to have mood swings and that hasn't changed either. In the first week I did find myself sleeping more but that has ebbed and flowed into a roughly regular 9 hour pattern.

The worst part of this change has been loosing the comfort of a warm cup cradled in my hands. I have found myself wanting the process of making a good cup of tea more than the tea itself. Found wanting that first scalding sip of liquid more than the coffee itself. Wanted to hear the crack and hiss of a fresh can of coke. To solve this I have started buying hot chocolate which has much of the process without reverting to caffeine. Someone asked that surely drinking hot chocolate is worse but I don't need to slim down (quite the opposite) and one hot chocolate a day is not flooding my body with unwanted chemicals (I have gone for the fat-full, real-sugar option rather than the carcinogenic, but slimming, fat and sugar free version.) I also have made my twice weekly muffin a daily occurence and am drinking far more plain water than I used to.

I didn't expect any health benefits to have kicked in yet and they haven't. So all in all it is going well.


Blogger Mike said...

Is this your first time quitting? I think I'm on about #6. This time does seem to be going better for me, yet I still ache for the bubbly burn of a Dr Pepper. Best of luck!

5:27 PM

Blogger peterchen said...

What about roibush tea? It can give you the feeling of a hot cup without the caffeine.

9:40 AM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

Rooibos you mean? It is from South Africa originally and I can't stand the stuff. I am not a fan of herbal teas and rooibos is one of the worst :)

Thanks though.

10:34 AM


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