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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Four wheels in Ireland

Volvo C70
As much as I love cycling to work each day a car is fast becoming needed. It just so happens that both work and home is a little bit outside Waterford itself and so public transport is lacking. Before coming to Waterford I had used a taxi exactly once in my life. In the past few months though I have found myself using a taxi a couple times a week. At €8 a pop it isn't cheap. Additionally I have never been good at asking people for lifts. I have had to learn to do so here and people at work have been very generous but it still hurts when I have to ask. Back home in South Africa I was almost always the one giving lifts to other people.

So a car I will buy in the coming weeks. I won't use it everyday but a good few times a week and on weekends for longer trips into the countryside. Something small, cheap and reliable.

Of course that means that as much as I love the look of this Volvo C70, I won't be getting one. What a beautiful and desirable car. Volvo really have upped their game in recent years.

My coming car will more likely be a used Toyota Yaris or Skoda Fabia, both able, reliable cars.


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