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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Winners in defeat

Winners in defeat by Paul Watson
Last night saw the Murphys Live 2006 final go down at Cyprus Avenue in Cork. Ashley Sheehan & the Mute battling it out with Lotus Lullaby for the grand prize while The Walls headlined the gig. Good music, good craic and even though the better band, in my opinion, didn't win it was a good night. Congratulations to Lotus Lullaby. I think the choice is right as Lotus Lullaby are more commercial and their front-man engages the audience better but I still far prefer Ashley Sheehan's music.

Seeing Cork was interesting. The landscape changed somewhat as we travelled from Waterford and I never realised how much bigger Cork city is from Waterford city. It reminded me of a mini-Dublin with a canaled-river running through the city center and bridges spanning it. There is a lack of chippers in Cork though. We had to wander up some side streets to find a dodgy Indian chipper that was open at 1am. Good thing most of our party were late in getting back to the bus. It is also impossible to bribe the gas station guy to sell you wine after 10am. We offered him one of the bottles (it was a 3 bottles for €20 deal), we offered him money, we offered him Eimear. He refused them all.

We toured up from Waterford in a bus which meant getting home at three in the morning for an eight 'o clock wake-up to get to work today. I have many photos to get through but first I need some sleep.

So nice one Murphys, the two gigs I have been to were grand.


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