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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fluxiom released


The eagerly awaited Fluxiom digital-asset management web-app is out. Sadly, I can't even get into the trial as it requires a credit-card. I understand the reasoning behind this requirement (to stop the same person singing up every 30 days for a new account and so never paying for Fluxiom) but it is a risk a web-app has to take. Don't lock us out chaps. Let me in, let me play for 30 days and then if your app is worth it I will shell out the bucks without quibble.

A real pity as from as from what I can see of the app from the Vitamin review it looks stunning.

Hopefully if enough of us bring the CC requirement problem to Fluxiom's ears we can get it opened up. Even a demo account will be handy.


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