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Friday, December 02, 2005

Robert Scoble in Dublin

Robert Scoble in Dublin Robert Scoble dropped by the INDA event in Dublin this evening and gave a talk on blogging. He also was part of a Q&A panel afterwards with Nick Grattan, Paul Fallon and Kieran Lynam. another guy whose name I missed (Brian, who was he?)

He seemed a bit bombed, the Cork guys must have kept him up yesterday, and his talk was hesitant and disjointed but even so some interesting points were brought up and it was worth being there. I also got to see his beautiful wife Maryam whose blog got 64,000 hits in its first two months.

It is a bit late, we left Dublin at 11pm and just got back to Waterford now, so I'll just bullet the interesting bits I noted down:

  1. Scoble really likes Gaping Void. He used his cartoons in all his slides and Robert's business cards were scribbled by Gaping Void.

  2. Robert can down two pints of the good stuff within the course of a panel discussion. You know you are in Ireland when the bottles of water are left unopened and the main speakers have pints of Guinness in their hands, while they talk.

  3. He made a good point about people who really can't, or shouldn't, blog even though they have interesting things to say. e.g. a librarian for the Library of Congress who has congressmen, senators and the like who wouldn't appreciate anything going onto a blog. Scoble said "probably one of the most interesting people [the librarian] I have met."

  4. He mentioned how the media landscape has changed from just a couple of news-breakers (e.g. Walt Mossberg) to millions today, through blogs e.g. a kid in Australia (he really likes mentioning this kid in Australia) who knows the CEO of a company with journalist around the world using Pub Sub etc. watches on their "beat".

  5. This is me; There is still a divide between the United States and Europe in technology. He brought up the Tivo and while most of us know what one is, nobody in the room except Scoble had one. I see the same thing happening with many web services e.g. Google Local

  6. Memeorandum watches just 1000 Scoble picked blogs for breaking news. You need roughly four of those blogs to link to you to get onto Memeorandum. Also the faster you talk about a subject the better your chances. If you wait too long to post your item on an article then that window of opportunity in the conversation'osphere will have moved on. I feel we shouldn't be going down this "next hot thing" track, but oh well.

  7. TechCrunch is Scoble's favourite blog at the moment. He mentioned how 6 months ago it didn't exist and has now blossomed into a leading voice on the web.

  8. The Channel9 forums are run on Community Server.

  9. Scoble talked about how there is a kind of membrane you can stretch so far with your corporate blogging. That Google chap who got fired for blogging was also mentioned and Robert reckons the main problem was he didn't understand the risks properly and didn't go in with a plan to stretch that membrane intelligently.

  10. Duplicates are irritating Robert. Some feed search engines treat his RSS and Atom feeds as separate sources; dumb, dumb, dumb.

  11. In the panel discussion...

  12. Robert mentioned the Windows Vista network stack was rewritten and that they have seen a 40x improvement in networking.

  13. Paul Fallon and Nick Grattan talked about 64bit and what it benefits. SQL Server gets a big boost but there was some disagreement on whether it helped out on client machines.

  14. WPF was mentioned and I asked if any of it would port over to the XBox 360 since it was going the home entertainment route. I was told that actually the 360 was a Media Center Extender and a typical household would have a separate Media Center box and a XBox 360. The 360 would simply stream video and simple apps from that Media Center box.

  15. Robert said a developer he knows quotes "No good code is written before midnight." Amen.

  16. Paul Fallon talked about how Microsofts reach is now so broad that no developer can have even a reasonable understanding of all Microsoft aspects. He sees us all specialising. To go with that Scoble said how he has for the last year been wandering around Microsoft with a video camera and has only seen 500 out of 60,000 employees and probably only 60% of the product groups.

  17. Nick Grattan's advice on the CLR in SQL Server is "If you are thinking of using Server Side Cursors, that is the time to use the CLR. Otherwise, use TSQL."

  18. Scoble says that will be the homepage for Windows Vista. Wonder what that means for MSN?

  19. An Argentinian developer in the back talked about how the 5 Star developer program in Argentina had skilled up 10,000 developers with .NET. We need something like that in Ireland (though 10,000 Irish .NET developers is unlikely.)

Here is a photo of a diagram Robert drew in OneNote (click for the full-size):
Robert Scoble diagram

I thought it was interesting. I brought up Project Comet which I think will fill that gaping boid at the bottom left.

And that is about that. Thanks for coming Robert, was good to meet the legend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for this intersting review of our usergroup meeting


7:57 PM

Blogger Fabio said...

Hi Paul,

Excellent review and very detailed of the INDA usergroup meeting.

I am the argentinian developer who brought the subject of 5-star developer program and today I've visited again the MSDN latin american website just to make sure how many developers are certified.

To my surprise there are not just 10000 but more than 22000 developers certified with this program in Latin America.

Here is the ranking and the MSDN Latin American link:

Argentina 4033
Perú 3400
México 3311
España 2084
Colombia 2018
Ecuador 1938
Venezuela 1275
Chile 1228
Bolivia 538
Costa Rica 524

The idea will be not just to generate something similar in Ireland but in the whole Europe. I am pretty amazed that MS haven't done so yet!

It is a great idea that not only will introduce Visual Studio to novice developers but as well a great way to attract the lost programmers that have choosen another tool to develop applications (eg Java) instead of .Net.

See ya soon!


Fabio Cerullo

10:23 PM

Anonymous Derek Lakin said...

I wonder if anything will fill that void before Six Apart get there? ;)

2:18 PM

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Blogger pedro velasquez said...

Robert Scoble (born January 18, 1965) is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. Scoble is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, bet basketball which came to prominence during his tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. He is married to Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble. He has three children; one from a previous marriage and two with Maryam. He currently works for Rackspace and is building a community for people fanatical about the Internet called Building 43. He previously worked for Fast Company as a video blogger. sportsbook He is also the co-author of Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers with Shel Israel.Scoble was born in New Jersey in 1965, and grew up about a kilometre from Apple Computer's headquarters in Silicon Valley. Some of his favorite childhood memories are working in his own garage with electronic devices that his dad (William Scoble, PhD from Rutgers University in Materials Engineering)
march madness brought home from his jobs at Ampex and Lockheed Martin
His mother worked for Apple Computer as a member of a group of women led by Hildy Licht who built Apple IIs at home. Robert learned how to solder a motherboard together when he was 11 and helped his mother build several hundred Apple IIs

8:48 PM


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