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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Firefox 1.5 and extensions

I decided to give the recently released Firefox 1.5 a spin knowing that at least a few of the extensions I use would not yet be supported.

From the above list you can see things have gone better than expected. Only one extension is not available for update. SessionSaver and LiveLines had to be updated manually though. The Whitehart theme I use also had to be manually updated.

Hopefully the Resizable Textarea extension will be updated soon as it is a very useful one.

All in all a much better upgrade than the last one. Well done to Mozilla and all the extension developers.


#1: Damn, it doesn't remember your custom search engines. And the Google Blog custom search plugin doesn't work anymore. Damn.

#2: I found a zipped copy of the Google Blog custom search plugin which works. It seems like Mozdev is having MySQL problems.


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