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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Finger licking Irish

KFC in Ireland

So the KFC you get in Ireland is very strange, different to what I have had in South Africa and England. The basic deep-fried chicken pieces looked the same (Brian had them) and the chips are normal but the Zinger Tower I had was a bizarre affair. The bun was one of those fancy seed jobs that you expect from the Health & Eco Warrior Bagel Shop, no reconstituted cardboard burger bun here. The chicken bit was a suculent fillet breast which was as thick as my thumb and damned tasty. Then there is the lettuce which is more like Haute Cuisine butter-lettuce than good old refrozen iceberg.

Now I love Zingers. That spicy mayo sauce is just out of this world. Well, this burger didn't have that. No. It had the normal mayo sauce and then on the inside of the bottom bun there was a reddish, salsaish, spicyish sauce which when poked talked back. It didn't taste of anything so who knows.

And horror of horrors, they put a freaking slice of cheese on it. Cheese on a Zinger! Who the hell puts cheese on a Zinger? Oh, the Irish, right.

Actually, the burger was great. It just wasn't what I was expecting and, you know, when you lower your standards to that of KFC, Burger King and fast food joints you don't want surprises. You want the same mush they served you in Calcutta served to you in Bangkok, New York, Honolulu, Cape Town, Rio and Waterford, Ireland.


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