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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Level

As I was reading Google's Secret Weapon, an article on recruitment which is more interesting than it sounds, I kept having to adjust to the first world, low unemployment mentality.

Companies here fight for programmers.

Back home there is very little to none of that. I interviewed at a range of I.T. companies in South Africa and for entry to mid-level programmers you had to bend down and take it to have even a chance of getting a job. With 40% unemployment you don't have to wonder why. Every offer is taken with gratitude. Perks are just that, perks and not expected rights.

So when I read an article like this or listen to co-workers talk about the job market I am often left feeling angry. The ungrateful bastards. But it is different here, companies fight for good recruits. I didn't really understand this before coming to work in Ireland. I was ecstatic I was offered a job and did not haggle over salary or benefits. I took what I could and moved.

Now that I am here it will be different next time around, whether it is staying with my employer or moving to another.

Come to think of it, this attitude permeats every aspect of European life. What I see as whining, ungrateful demands by Irish citizens are really just part of the status quo, the expected level of life. It wouldn't happen back home, the level is a good deal lower.


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