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Monday, March 13, 2006

Homesick cricket

Australia fire out 434 runs in 50 overs at the Wanderers. South African fans in the crowd wonder whether to go home at lunch, the Proteas are toast, not a chance they will come out and chase four hundred and thirty four runs. That is the highest ODI score in history. Until a few hours later when Boucher hits a four to give South Africa the win, 438. The highest ODI score in history. Four hundred and thirty eight. 26 sixes in the match in total. Four hundred and thirthy eight. The Australian captain tells it like it is; "They shouldn't have got that."

The cricket world is stunned. Indians turn from celebrating their win over England to stand in awe of both Australia and South Africa. The English must be gob smacked, the Pakistanis bowled over. Even the fast Sri Lankans are stupefied. Brian Lara himself is probably staring hard at his bat right now wondering how it is possible.

And in Ireland? Nobody had a clue. The papers don't contain a single word about the game. All I can do is email mates back home. This is the first time since I have been in Ireland where I have felt homesick. Homesick for that feeling of driving around Cape Town cheering on our cricketing heroes, of knowing every face I see on the street is thinking; "Those boys, our boys, how'zat!"


Blogger Ross Grater said...

Pretty insane game so I hear.

I had a half hour chat with Sed back in SA all about it (I couldn't stop him actually).

How you doin' man?

Happened accross your blog by complete accident.

Check mine out if you like (its mostly pictures), but gives you an idea.

3:06 PM

Blogger Rahul Iyer said...

Yeah, you're right about Indians forgetting about their impending victory and looking over at South Africa. I'm an Indian, now in the USA. I still long for the days I used to sit on my couch back in India and watch a gritty test match or a tantalizing ODI. But the RSA vs AUS match made me forget that India won!

Though one thing struck me... India won in little over three days... and both sides actually had to play 2 innings, in a test that was won only in the penultimate session. And then there's the ODI in question. Isn't batting getting a bit too fast nowadays? We need something to even the odds in favor of the bowlers i guess. Maybe load the cricket ball, so that it dips throughout the match. Or make the ball so that one side has a natural propensity to wear out compared to the other. More chance of reverse swing. I have a few words on my blog about this.

Well, whatever happens, kudos to the Springboks for the best run chase ever!

11:06 AM

Blogger Reenen said...

I can imagine it sucked not being in SA when that game took place.

3:37 PM


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