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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vegas Costs

Las Vegas is quite an expensive city, at least along The Strip and in the tourist areas it is. Here are a few notables:

  • 2 Coors (a vile beer) at The Venetian; $10.68

  • Miso soup at the Stratosphere; $3.25

  • Eel rolls at the Stratosphere; $7.95

  • California rolls at the Stratosphere; $7.95

  • Sake at the Stratosphere; $6

  • Average two-bed room rate at The Mirage; $170

  • Kobe beef burger at The Mirage; $19

  • Sirloin steak; $38

  • Glass of coke/Pepsi/Sprite; $3

  • Fries at The Mirage; $7

  • Shot of Tanqueray Gin; $7

  • Taxi from airport to The Mirage; $18

  • Los Angelese t-shirt; $19

  • Vegas playing cards; $3

  • The Big Shot (a ride) on the Stratosphere; $7

The Kobe beef burger was completely worth the $19 and Brian says the $38 for the sirloin was equally so. With the rides on the Stratosphere don't pay down below. Go up to the top and look out for a guy pushing around a small cart, you will get half-price on the ride prices, about $4 instead of $7/$8. You also have to be wary of tax. Prices listed are not what you pay, you still have to add tax which varies. I stopped bothering having the right amount ready when ordering.


Blogger Ross Grater said...

Sound like Vegas will be cheap then:

2 Coors LITE (it's not that vile) in Cayman; US$10 (most bars)
Conch Chowder US$9 at Hammerheads
Brandy/Sherry at the Prospect playhouse US$6.25
Double room Sunshine Suites (budget) US$170 per night
Cayman Playing Cards US$3.75
Pepsi (You can't get Coke!!! Easily anyway.) US$3.75 most bars. US$1.25 at the store!
Turtle Stew US$20.

An island is an expensive place, especially one near the USA.

9:43 PM


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