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Friday, April 21, 2006

Mobile networks in Ireland can't be making any money. I use my mobile mainly for texting, about 20 messages a day, and the odd voice-call and haven't had to put any money into my pre-pay package for the past three months. Every month 02 give me €25 free as part of the original sign-up package nearly 5 months ago. It covers me just fine.

Now 02 have gone and cut costs during weekends to insane levels; 1c per minute and 1c per text to other 02 customers.

Will I ever have to pay for mobile calls again?


Blogger Ross Grater said...

SA's phone networks are just really expensive. From Cayman, its currently cheaper per minute for me to call South Africa than it was for me to make that same call in SA (its about R1.60 per minute). And this rate applies to phoning any country in the world. Of course sms's are ridiculously overpriced, but hey, thats the market I suppose.

6:11 PM


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