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Friday, April 28, 2006

Finance woes

It just goes to show that incompetence with money and documents is a world-wide problem.

Over the past few days I have been getting my ducks in a row for car finance. AIB were quick to quote but then failed to tell me a few important steps and so the process was slowed down. The dealer has had the car ready since Wednesday morning but can't give it to me until I have signed the car finance papers.

So this morning the bank tells me that the papers are ready and they will fax them to my nearest branch. I take a €10 taxi down to the branch to find out the papers haven't been faxed. 15 minutes later, after phoning the car finance division, the papers are faxed. I sit down to sign them but thankfully before I do I notice the total finance amount is wrong. It says €14,950 when my deal with the dealership is €14,200. The original price of the car was €14,950 but the dealer discounted it by €750 to reach €14,200. The bank says the invoice lists the discount as a deposit. The dealer says the €750 amount on the invoice is clearly marked as a discount.

One hour later and another €10 taxi ride I am back at work and have accomplished zero. The dealer has to send a new invoice, the bank has to reprocess the forms and I have to go back to the bank this afternoon to sign the papers I was supposed to sign this morning.

I don't know whether AIB is incompetent or whether the dealer was trying to screw me over. I'll get ahold of that original invoice and then have a nice long chat with whoever was responsible.


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You'll be surprised how many people actually don't even read the documents.

3:17 PM

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