The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Double gent

While reading through Double Agent I was struck by how few of the manly aspects encountered I shared. It wasn't so much that I don't bowl, play poker, go to titty bars, smoke cigars, crack homophobic jokes or call weaker men "girly". It is more that I tend to do those things in a different way to how the men potrayed in the article do it. Bowling is an enjoyable game, I don't do it for the social scene or to escape my wife (of which I don't have one to escape from in any case.) I would smoke a cigar but not for the opportunity to kick back and bad mouth women with the lads. I don't actually go to titty bars - even calling them titty bars makes me squirm - but if I did it wouldn't be to bond with my fellow man. Come to think about it, that is the crux of it; male bonding. Is it still so prevalent? It seems to me that the male youth of today are far less into crotch adjusting, after-game showers and all that horse-play called male-bonding. Frankly I am rather pleased, it never appealed to me.


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