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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wanted to be impaired

wonder if she was impaired because she was drinking, or drinking because she wanted to be impaired

The placebo effect seems to play a critical role in going out on the pull. Sorry, I mean having "a drink with the lads". A university study has shown that in the right atmosphere- a pub, club or house-party -we can push ourselves towards intoxication without the help of alcohol.

I am not so sure about actual intoxication. Afterall, even after drinking 10 pints of water I cannot convince myself I can't walk straight. But certainly I can see how the placebo effect will loosen people up, make them less inhibited. Our inhibitions are under our control, it is just that while at the office or waiting in line at Tescos we are too scared to loudly proclaim our love for *checks carrier bag* Tetleys Tea bags. At the local pub though you could loudly declare your love for Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and everyone will, in chorus, join in. Partly you are excused thanks to alcohol and partly you are in a pub, having a cracking time.

I imagine those loud, social friends of yours have learnt this long ago, that you don't need alcohol to loosen up and score with the Tequila girl. For the rest of us, find a drink that can pass for alcohol and give it a try, loosen up while staying sober.

Just don't do it at Tescos, they will arrest you.


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