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Friday, March 31, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 find

It struck me the other day while testing out Internet Explorer 7 that I have not heard anyone ask never mind had an answer to the question of why IE7 does not implement a similar Find on Page solution to Firefox. IE7 persists in popping up the blasted dialog window for finding text on the current page. I realise some users might struggle with the Firefox way at first but we can't be stuck on a few users holding back everyone else forever.


Anonymous Brian Delahunty said...

It could be that I have this confused with some other feature of IE. Anyway, from what I can remember about a post I read on this it is because that feature is actually patented by someone and MS is not willing to take the risk that they will be sued to high heavens for putting patented stuff on 300,000,000+ machines. I guess the Eolas thing is still reverberating around in MS.

However, maybe I'm not remembering correctly and it had nothing to do with this.

10:20 AM


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