The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hi, men

It was the most amazing thing I could give him as a woman

No, love, having your hymen reconstructed, at the age of 45, so that your lover could "conquer" you, again, is not the most amazing thing that you, as a woman, could have given him.

I realise the realities for women in restrictive cultures where virginity is required for marriage but for women in western cultures I recommend you donate your $5,000 to charities which are educating those in Africa, the Middle-East and Asia on this issue.

I seriously don't get the pleasure of "conquering" a virgin. If anything it is a weighty, burdensom act for a man. There is a lot of responsibility involved in it.

As a man I'll say to any woman that having your hymen reconstructured is about the least amazing thing you can do as a woman.


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