The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Tea, sir?

I can thoroughly recommend Dooley's Hotel on the Waterford quay. I spent the night there after locking myself out of my house last night. I checked in at 3am with the helpful night manager and had no problems getting a room. I don't know what other hotels in the area cost but at €65 per person per night I was happy. The room was modern, clean and well stocked. In the morning I came downstairs and while they arranged a cab to work for me I had a fine breakfast (included in the room price.) I could easily start each day pouring tea from a silver pewter teapot.

It was strange explaining to the night manager why the address I entered into the register was in Waterford. He kept pointing out that I was South African, so I must be on holiday. He couldn't get his head around the fact that I couldn't get into my house and just wanted a place to crash for a few hours. Though I admit this probably doesn't happen often.


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