The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Friday, February 03, 2006


There are moments when I truly love programming. Those moments of slip sliding through code and getting results.

And then there are those programming moments when I place my forehead on the cool wood of my desk and begin to sob. I normally am found muttering "Why is it so obscure! So opaque! So unhuman!"

This is one of those moments which started as a former moment.

How do you get the description of a book through the Amazon Web Services? I can get the title, ISBN, authors, ASIN and even the publisher but nowhere can I find out how to get the description. All I want is the description. It should be right after title, nestled lovingly between it and authors. It is essential data. Without it there is no book. But for the life of me I cannot find the property, method, array or interface to get the description.

Why is programming so obscure at times?


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