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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One integrated store

InfoWorld: Other companies are providing ALM tools, such as Rational and Borland. What are you going to be doing that they’re not providing? Would you say you have more of a Windows focus than they have?

Somasegar: I think the big value proposition that we bring to the table, much more than anybody else, is integration. Our tools work together well against one single integrated [store].

from Q&A: Microsoft's Somasegar touts value of ALM platform at Infoworld.

Frankly that is exactly what stopped us from using Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server from Microsoft; its single, focused, no-other-providers model. It is a monolothic tool chain and while it has an API of sorts it doesn't work with the rest of TSSG's development environment. Our central code repository is Subversion, which is excellent, and VSTS won't work with it. I imagine add-ins will be made over the coming months and years but right now TFS is too closed for us and VSTS only understands one language, the Microsoft one. Such a pity.


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