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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In deep

I am sitting on my bed, laptop in front of me, ear-phones wedged deep and my nano tucked into my boxers. The Arctic Monkeys are wrapping up a number and I look at the laptop screen to see that while the song has ended there is still a good 2 minutes left on the track. Aha! A secret track I think. So I move the mouse over into iTunes and click the track-line, trying to skip it ahead to near the end and hopefully grab the start of the secret track. No change, so I skip ahead a bit more. Still no change. There is only 10 seconds left on the track and I am wondering just how short this secret track is. I try again, clicking in iTunes.

It then dawns on me that iTunes is not the one controlling my ear-phones, it is the nano tucked into my boxers that is.

I look around sheepishly and close iTunes.


Anonymous Mark said...

I would say that we all have done it but dude, we haven't. ;-P

3:51 AM


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