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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gmail Chat

Gmail Chat by Paul Watson

Google keep rolling out GTalk and GMail features that make sense. They aren't fun but useless features like the Winks of MSN Messenger but rather core ideas that make communications better. Today's is GMail Chat.

For a long while I have wanted my email and instant-messaging conversations to be integrated. Why they are separate in the first place is simply down to technological factors, not conceptual.

GMail Chat firstly does the simple but critical recording of all your GTalk chats. So you can always view your GTalk IM conversations through your GMail interface. Currently IM logging is poorly supported in every other IM app. MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger, like most, simply records to XML files on the local computer. So if you use your IM client from multiple clients then your logs are spread out across several computers. Daft.

The next feature GMail Chat aims to roll out is IM in your GMail interface. So you won't even need GTalk, you just chat to your mates within GMail. Obviously this isn't ideal for some chats but for chatting from any location without installing anything it is a great idea.

And all integrated. Your email, your IM, your contacts for both, one big happy family.

Now if only more people used GTalk. Get me on


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