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Friday, February 24, 2006

At Geoffs

The Chalets Crushed to the front of the "stage" at Geoffs with the alt. scene going mad behind me and The Chalets going even bigger in front of me was about the best experience I have had in Waterford since I moved here. When Peepee of The Chalets suggested the crowd lick the person in front of them some mad boy next to me yelled he wanted to lick the drummer.

Murphys Live at Geoffs last night was a blast. The place was packed, the Murphys was flowing and the three bands went large. The Chalets, The Trains and Ashley Sheehan and the Mute really put on a great show. It was good to see such a range of music in Waterford.

I know The Chalets are available on iTunes Ireland, Checkin is a lovely album, but I am not sure about the other two. However you can get a podcast of the demo tapes for the Murphys Live tour off of iTunes, just search for The Chalets or for Murphys Live.


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