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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Web 2.0 down

Openomy down

Openomy is an interesting idea. Provide file storage online but with a flexible API that developres can code against. So, for instance, instead of your photos being stored on Flickr, Flickr would just be an interface to your photo store on your Openomy account.

So I had a few minutse to kill as my unit tests ran and I thought I would go and check Openomy out, see what use I can make of it. Sadly, it is down. A text error, see above, mentions a user surge.

I love the idea and a lot of web 2.0 projects have great ideas but are we forgetting the infrastructure that needs to go behind ideas to support them? Openomy is in beta, true, but we can't carry on saying "oh, it's beta, you can't blame it" because at the same time Openomy and co. want people to be using them. They want adoption but don't blame them when too many adopt and they fall over.

It is a problem though. A lot of web 2.0 ideas are bootstrapped. Too little cash in hand to invest in suitable hosting. They start with a spare machine in a corner and then as demand crashes that upgrade to whatever can be afforded at that point and so on.

I love the model but I am not sure it is suitable for critical services. Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft or a big ISP needs to do Openomy.


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