The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Huge. Terrible. Crushed. Ravenous. Deadly. Awesome. Power. Massive. Deafening. Blinding. Titanic. Disastrous. Death defying. Razor sharp. Massively powerful. Shockingly big.

And those are just from a show on termites. You should have heard the words used in the show before it where natural disasters where sensationalised. The worst part is when a scene is shown that does not need any dramatising. Three guys are being washed off a boat and into icy seas. Instead of giving a well weighted report of what is happening the narrator has kittens and talks about "deadly, savage, back crushing rocks that will tear you limb from limb" which are about three boat lengths and a pomegranate away from the swimmers calmly waiting to be picked up (because the coast guard is there and are trying to avoid the stupid news chopper about to fly right down the mouth of one of the swimmers.)

Americans, the main target audience, are not stupid. They, and we, don't need to be lied to to make it more exciting. Good god man, it's a 50 foot wave, do you really need to tell us "the oblivious onlookers" are all in mortal danger? The British have their faults but I love their understated ways. Let us reach the death defyinly dizzy peak of stunning realisation over the scene we see unfolding before us. If you talk us through it as if we are 5 years old we switch off and wonder what all the fuss is about.


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