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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

I rather enjoyed this movie. A faithful, lovely re-telling on the silver-screen of C.S. Lewis' classic. It wasn't a great movie but it was worth seeing.

My advice is this; If you have read the books, or had them read to you as a kid, and you liked the story then go and see the movie. You will more than likely love it. If you have children, they will love the movie. But, if you have not read the books and you aren't a kid anymore don't go and see it. It is a simple story, the characters are simple and the movie is simple too. For those of us who spent our childhoods in Narnia it is a case of us adding so much more to the movie experience. Like an old friend come back for a visit that nobody else gets.

Also, invariably, you will compare it to The Lord of the Rings. It is hard not to and in the movie you will wonder if the director has not lifted scenes directly from The Lord of the Rings. This is inevitable as C.S. Lewis and Tolkien were good friends and, if I remember right, C.S. Lewis even convinced Tolkien to have faith again (in Christianity, which runs strong through Narnia.) Even direct movie to movie comparison wise this movie is not the finely crafted piece of work Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings was. Story wise too, Narnia is a lot simpler.

I hate having to even validate this movie. It really is simple; See it if you loved Narnia as a kid. Like I did.


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