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Monday, December 05, 2005

Lethal stereotype

Oh dear. Sitting here with Lethal Weapon 2 on in the background and I am apalled. I thought the South African stereotypes in Die Hard were bad but this just takes the cake. First of all, the accents. Only one of the so called South Africans in the movie actually sounds South African and then he is an Afrikaans (think Dutch) South African. The rest of the Saffas in the movie are Americans and Australians trying to put on South African accents. Then there are the names; The female lead is called Rika van den Haas. Never met a South African called Rika and van den Haas is very Dutch, not many van den Haas in South Africa.

And the whole apartheid thing. This movie was made in 1989, pretty much the year the timetable for free, open and fair general elections was set. Pretty much the year South Africa officially ended apartheid. Yet the movie is full of apartheid South Africa.

Damned Hollywood.


Blogger Jon Newman said...

They can't do 'British' either. They assume we are all either Upper Class or wear mid-way.

1:20 AM

Anonymous Steve Crane said...

It's been ages since I saw that but remember thinking the same thing at the time. I don't think I've ever heard of any South African called van den Haas either, but Rika is a fairly common name I think. There was an actress you used to see a lot of on TV in the 80s and 90s called Rika Sennett, or was she a newsreader? I forget.

Considering that Danny Glover has been in quite a few movies with a somewhat anti-apartheid slant, I wonder if this might have been a condition of his appearing?

12:02 PM


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