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Monday, December 12, 2005

The great cull

I have spent over an hour going through my feed subscriptions and that was only to mark the interesting ones for reading later. Barking mad I tell you. Time I became a producer rather than a consumer in this webbed world.

So, my subscription list. Here is what I am keeping and why and then afterwards what I am removing and why (numbers are just for easy reference, links are to the feeds, not the sites):

  1. Ask Yahoo!

    It is daily, quick to read and surprisingly interesting.

  2. Blog of a Bookslut

    It's literary, interesting and Jess Crispin is a fox, a fox of the mind. Rowr.

  3. Word of the Day

    So words rock my world, bite me.

  4. Dilbert

    It's like getting a daily prediction of what is about to happen in your office.

  5. The Dilbert Blog

    It's the comic expanded into lovely words.

  6. the Past Tense

    Making history sexier than Lara Croft ever did. And more accesible.

  7. Sexerati

    It's new but lets see if it is better than Fleshbot. For a world of consensual, fun, caring, understanding, intelligent porn.

  8. design in-flight

    Helping code jocks like me get a clue.

  9. Devil's Details

    Sporadic but good focus on design elements.

  10. Stylegala

    Stylegala actually comments on the designs they post, thank god. Not just thumbnails.

  11. unmatched <style>

    Good designs, not too many, not too few. Like Goldilocks.

  12. I Like Cameras

    I write for them but it's handy keeping track of what the other writers are... uh.. writing.

  13. 'Change, Culture, Creativity, Communication'

    Close to being unsubscribed but when he does post it is usually good.

  14. remaindered links

    Good mix of personal, creative, cultural and techy links.

  15. reditt

    Just good linkage porn all day (not actually porn folks, tech porn.)

  16. Slashdot

    I never read the comments, unless I am feeling suicidal, but the links and commentary is still grand.

  17. The Best of 2005

    Just good photos.

  18. PhotographyBLOG

    Some suckage but always up to speed.

  19. DPReview

    When they move, they rock.

  20. TechCrunch

    Stay on the web 2.0 ball folks.

  21. Signal vs. Noise

    Teetering a tad but still grand.


    Excellence in general.

  23. eHub

    Web 2.0 linkage porn.

  24. Radrails

    Good way to stay up to date with this good Ruby on Rails IDE.

  25. PC Mag Reviews

    Oh no! MSM! But good MSM... that's main stream media folks, not what you were thinking ok.

  26. Workhappy

    Good, sharp, quick reviews of interesting binary things.

  27. microformats

    I keep waiting for this to go big.

  28. A List Apart

    Decent, monthly.

And now the tossed aside present wrappings. Some are good, they just have a fatal flaw like too much or too little:

  1. Chef Vault

    I try to stick with food blogs but I never make anything they detail, so to hell with it. McDonalds it is.

  2. Louis Cars

    Why are all car blogs run by disprespectful mother fuckers?

  3. Successful Blog

    I am finished with blogging about blogging. Move on people.

  4. Digg

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Digg users. Some great links but, please, learn English. No sentence needs more than one exclamation mark and even that is pushing it. You annoy the screaming loonies out of me with your juvenile commentary. Number of visitors is fine and all but you are nowhere near competing with Slashdot. They have dictionaries over there and most of the story posters have finished high-school. So, grow up Digg and then I'll be back.

  5. Read/WriteWeb

    I can only fit one web 2.0 blog in and that has to be Techcrunch. Sorry mate.

  6. MSDN Just Published

    Was it ever good?

  7. Scobleizer

    See above about blogging about blogging about blogging about meta-blogging about blogging. Oh sweet jesus.

  8. Anil Dash

    Been grand you purple nut but you haven't said much in the past year or so. I am sure you are working hard for SA rather than blogging, which is fine (except you make blogging software. Use it.)

  9. Writerly blog

    Eh. Word on the web. A blog about it. Eh. Shit, Word just crashed. Typical. Eh.

  10. Songbird blog

    I just realised blogs about a single product are normally a bit naff. Especially products not out yet. I'll keep track of Songbird via other blogs rather.

  11. Jeffrey Zeldman

    All respect to the master but his blog is now more or less a "Hey look, new ALA articles" regurgablog.

  12. :: CSS-MANIA ::

    Too many guys. Do some editing.

  13. CSS Beauty

    Design gallery or CSS tips and tricks list? Focus boys, focus.

  14. CSS Vault Gallery

    1 post a month, outer space!

  15. css Zen Garden

    Great while it lasted.

  16. Webcreme

    Some great, pure design but an awful lot of fluff.

  17. WithStyle

    Used to be good.

Just in case I have done something awful like unsubscribe from my mom's blog, I have archived my Bloglines OPML.


Blogger Mike said...

What a great review. I snagged a few of them, but I really need to do some cleaning of my feeds as well, but I'll make sure to leave yours on there :)

6:54 PM

Blogger anil said...

"Been grand you purple nut but you haven't said much in the past year or so. I am sure you are working hard for SA rather than blogging, which is fine (except you make blogging software. Use it.)"

Yeah. Sigh, you're mostly right. Hard to find the time, but I'll try to get back on the wagon. :)

10:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can only fit one web 2.0 blog in and that has to be Techcrunch. Sorry mate."

Only 1 Web 2.0 blog?! I'm begging you, add me back in, for old times sake... ;-)


4:43 AM


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