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Friday, December 02, 2005

F1 2006

The F1 GP teams for 2006 have been announced with plenty of changes.

It is sad to no longer see a BMW-Williams team even with their poor performance this year. Webber and a new guy, Nico Rosberg, head up the Williams team now. I thought BMW was going to have their own team but it seems they are backing Sauber which is now BMW-Sauber, driven by Heidfeld and Villeneuve. Good luck to them. Rubens and Jenson at Honda is an interesting one. Yes, Honda. No more BAR. Jordan is gone, replaced by Midland (British Midland Racing?) and is helmed by Tiago and Albers. Red Bull still has Coulthard but no word on the second Red Bull driver. Maybe it will be Sato, I can't see him in the rest of the list.

I can't wait for the 2006 season to start, should be another good year.


Blogger Mike Dimmick said...

My source for F1 news is

BMW Sauber is BMW's own team - they bought out Sauber - but they've decided to preserve the Sauber name, at least for a while. Honda bought the remaining shares in BAR but BAT's Lucky Strike brand stays on as title sponsor.

I think Sato was hoping for a seat at Honda's 'second string' team run by Aguri Suzuki but I saw that the FIA had rejected their entry. They might still be able to enter if all the other teams agree, but when did all the teams agree on anything?

I'd be surprised if Red Bull's second driver was anyone other than Christian Klien. He did pretty well last year - better than Coulthard on occasions - and much better than Liuzzi. itv-f1's post at lists Klien in car number 15.

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