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Friday, December 02, 2005

Blinklist spam?

Just a notice that you should be wary of my Daily Links sidebar for awhile. It is a Blinklist RSS feed spliced into this page via FeedDigest and it seems as though spam is entering it at some point. The original Blinklist RSS feed has the spam so I'd say it isn't FeedDigest. I have alerted Blinklist but till then you'll have to skip the feed and view my Blinklist web-page which doesn't have this spam.

-- UPDATE --

Another reason I love Blinklist is that they reply to your emails. Just got word back from them that they did a major database update last night and that they are aware of the problem above. It should be sorted out "soon."


Anonymous Peter Cooper said...

I know you've already posted an update, but just wanted to confirm it's not us at FeedDigest :) We don't put anything in your digests that isn't in the feeds you provide. Indeed, that's one of our unique-ish selling points :) Thanks for using us!

6:49 PM


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