The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Twenty four hours of my life

Fox's 24 I did a most foolish thing last night. I loaded up the first episode of series 4 of the Fox T.V. show, 24. I started about 11pm thinking I'd watch one episode and then get back to my book before turning in for the night. 4 hours later at 3am I was on episode 5 and hooked, hooked, hooked. What an utterly addictive show. Thankfully there was a bit of a climax in episode 5 and, with admittedly still a struggle, I switched the laptop off and tried to get some sleep, the plot arcs buzzing through my head.

It really is an excellent show. Sutherland does a good job but mainly it is the story-line and beat driven pace that keeps you glued to the screen.


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