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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oggling goggles

DSCN2052 How strange, this sun born and bred boy now owns a pair of skiing goggles. Up until the other day I had never seen a pair in the flesh but today I find myself with a pair of Cebes skiing goggles (€39). They are OTG (Over The Glasses) which means I can wear my glasses at the same time, a handy feature when, hopefully, hurtling down the piste (that is lingo for a gnarly snow slope.) It might seem pretty normal to Europeans but skiing is simply not part of South African culture. As far as I know there is only one slope in S.A. and that uses fake snow. Today was the first time I have been near ski equipment of any kind. The last time I saw snow it took a long drive and then a longer hike to get to.

I am not embarassed to admit I am very excited to be heading out skiing this December. I'll fall a lot of course but just to be there up on the side of a mountain on skis is going to be grand.


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