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Thursday, November 10, 2005

In the strings

Music is as popular in Ireland as drinking and the two are normally found together. The other night Brian took me down to a hole-in-the-wall pub called Katty Barrys. The kind of place you can reach out and touch both sides at the same time. The kind of place the barman is your best mate and is there every night including Christmas. The place was half-full when we arrived and slowly filled up over the next few hours. The musicians had no stage, no roped-off area or even microphones, amps or speakers. They sat at the tables around us drinking and talking, singing and playing. They got up to go smoke outside, they stopped mid tune to have a laugh at a comment. New songs just started up, the flute piping a fleeting ditty and then the others joining in. All night new players arrived, their ranks threatening to overwhelm the listeners.

What really struck me though was most of the players were young. Really young, my age and younger. These weren't decrepit old men clinging onto old ways, they were the new generation doing what they loved. Drinking and singing, talking and playing.

We went on till three in the morning at which point we left them behind still playing on into the morning.


Anonymous skin said...

maybe a shame to admit it at my age, but that brought a tear to my eye. would love to have been there... once again.

9:11 AM


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