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Monday, October 24, 2005

Vicious circles

I had three things to do today. Get a bank account, register at the Garda (Police) and get my PPS (akin to a Social Security number.)

We tried the Garda first to formalise my Work Permit. We waited 20 minutes, was directed by two officers and then was told by a helpful lady that the immigration officer was not in and probably wouldn't be in till 2pm or more likely Tuesday. So if you ever need the immigration officer at the Garda in Waterford, don't go on Monday.

Next we tried the banks. First choice was Permanent TSB who wouldn't let me open an account because they need a utility bill with my address and name. I arrivedin Ireland yesterday so it is very unlikely that I would have a utility bill. Plus you need a bank account to get most utility bills. Strangely they would have accepted any utility bill I had received in South Africa. Unfortunatley I had not brought any with me (it never crossed my mind to bring a South African utility bill with a South AFrican address to Ireland.) They also take a PPS letter but that takes a week to get and I need a bank account so I can get paid.

So two down and no success. PPS number next which turned out just fine. You need some form of ID, e.g. a passport, a letter stating your address (doesn't have to be a utility bill. I just got a letter from my eployer and it was countersigned by my mate Brian who I am living with) and then anything else that can identify you and which originated in your home country. I used my British Airways boarding pass which worked fine.

Brian then had the bright idea of trying AIB in WIT's campus. So it is an AIB branch but in the WIT (my employer) campus. They accepted my WIT letter and I now have a bank account. The funny bit is I can make use of the Permanent TSB "switch" offer and I'd be accepted. Not sure I will though after TSB turned me down at first.

So just the Garda left to do tomorrow. Hopefully the immigration officer turns up for work.


Anonymous Peter Guthrie said...

Good luck in this vicous circle Paul, I'm glad you are making progress though! I had a very similar problem when I spent a summer working in Dublin 5 or 6 years ago, I ended up having to get my employer to write a letter confirming my address to the Bank of Ireland. I think I still have 5 or so punts (they'll be yo-yo's now!) left in the account in case I ever wish to return without major hassle!

11:20 AM


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